Precautions for use of switch

1. Use chemicals carefully
Because the bottom plate of the toggle switch uses synthetic resin such as polycarbonate, the potentiometer should not be exposed to the strong atmosphere of ammonia, amine, alkali solution, tetrahydrocarbon, ketone, ester, halohydrocarbon and other chemicals.
2. Use welding flux carefully
Water-soluble flux shall be avoided during soldering, otherwise it will have adverse effects on the metal and other materials constituting the toggle switch.
3. Solder
The wiring design and soldering method should avoid causing molten tin to flow to the upper plane of the PC board, which will cause poor contact.
4. Low temperature operation
When the product is used in low temperature environment, such as car radio or car audio in cold zone, our company provides comfortable products according to customer requirements, please explain when ordering.
5. Length of sliding handle
The shorter the length is, the better it is (at least 5mm). Under the condition that the width A of the sliding handle is constant, the shorter the length of the sliding handle is, the better the handle is, and the higher the output point is, the worse the handle is.
6. Drive arm
Do not keep the operating point away from the center line of the sliding handle. For the same reason, the shorter the distance B between the two is, the better.