The properties of the waterproof touch switch are briefly introduced

A brief introduction to the waterproof touch switch

Waterproof touch switch introduction

Waterproof tap switch low-voltage rectifier filter circuit: After the high frequency transformer step-down after the pulsating voltage should also use diode and capacitor for rectification and filtering, and the capacitor used in the rectifier part can not have too large AC impedance, otherwise it can not filter out the high-frequency AC components, so the choice of capacitance not only to large capacity, but also to have a low AC resistance, In addition, one or two large inductor coils with magnetic cores can be seen, which together with filter capacitors can filter out high-frequency AC components to ensure pure direct current output. Press the shrapnel to connect the printed circuit.

Nowadays, waterproof tap switch manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, where most products are produced. With the development of electronic information products to the direction of digitization, networking, integration and portability, composite components and integrated passive components have become the main direction of the development of electronic components. Multilayer ceramic technology and low temperature co-firing technology have become the mainstream technology to realize "passive component multilayer, multilayer component chip, chip component integration and functional component compound, modularization".

Compound, integration is the best solution to reduce the installation cost of passive components, and because of the reduction of solder joints and wires, can improve the reliability of products, improve the speed of digital circuits. With the high frequency of wireless communication and high speed of data processing, microwave component technology has become a hot topic.