What are the characteristics of sliding switch? (sliding switch classification)

Sliding switch has two knives, three knives, four knives and six knives and other knife number, the number of digits usually have two and three, because of its knife number, digit is not much, more suitable for use in simple circuit. In addition, the contact form can be divided into sliding type, cutting type, butt type; Jumping mechanism has two bead spring type, heart type, single bead spring type. This section describes the features of the slide switch.


Sliding switch features:

1. Light weight, small size, comfortable feel, especially flexible touch, uniform strength;

2, after nickel plating anti-oxidation treatment, with excellent conduction performance;

3, durable use, the number of actions can be at least 1 million times;

4. The design of the contact part is designed to prevent impurities, dust and other small substances from entering. At the same time, as a circuit switch, it has good moisture and heat resistance.

5. There is no welding operation in the assembly process, so the assembly is simple.

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