Toggle switch manufacturer analysis of switch socket design matters needing attention

Toggle switch manufacturer analysis switch socket design matters needing attention:

1, you can set some sockets with switches, so that you do not need to unplug and cut off the power supply, also do not pull down the wire hanging impact beautiful, such as washing machine socket can be closed when not used, air conditioning socket off season without unplugging;

2, the kitchen socket should not be installed on the stove to prevent overheating;

3, Simon 60 is a special cassette;

4, install the bathroom bath bar switch, remember to leave a few centimeters of position, because the switch is generally larger than the light switch circle, if a little bit less installed not into the trouble:

5, do not put the switch installed too close to the water, if installed in the open balcony remember to use the switch socket special anti-splash cover;

6. Consider the socket and corresponding control switch of the light in the bookcase and cabinet;

7, consider the burglar alarm, gas alarm, wall mounted LCD, porch light and other sockets and phase control switch;

8. Consider the use of sockets for vacuum cleaners in each room, especially satellite power sockets, wall-mounted fish tanks and so on. Anyway, it is better to reserve more sockets than not enough to solve the aesthetic problem with the cord board at last.