Introduce the industry terminology and function of toggle switch

Introduce the industry terminology and function of toggle switch

1. Contact form

The electrical input and output circuits of contacts are formed according to various purposes.

2. Rated value

Generally, it refers to the value as the guarantee reference of switch characteristics and performance, such as rated current, rated voltage, etc., which is based on specific conditions.

3. Resin fixation

After wiring with wire at the terminal, fix the part by filling resin, and eliminate the exposed live parts to improve the drip resistance.

4. Insulation resistance

It refers to the resistance value between non-connecting terminals, between terminals and non-live metal parts, and between terminals and ground.

5. Withstand voltage

The critical value that will not cause insulation damage after applying high voltage at the specified measuring position for 1 minute.

6. Contact resistance

Represents the resistance of the contact part of the contact, but generally represents the resistance value of the conductor including the spring and the terminal part.

7. Vibration resistance

When the mis-operation vibration toggle switch is used, the vibration range of the contact that is closed due to vibration will not be separated within the specified time.

8. Impact resistance

Durable impact refers to the impact within the range of action characteristics that the microswitch will not be damaged by the mechanical impact during transportation or installation. Misoperation impact refers to the impact range that the contact closed by the impact will not separate within the specified time when the microswitch is used.