Function and technical parameters of toggle switch life test machine

Toggle switch life tester is used to test the mechanical life test of wall switch, stilt switch, toggle switch and flip switch. The product has the speed adjustable, the number of arbitrary setting, special fixture design, user-friendly operation, can meet the customer's different test. The testing machine is connected with the power load cabinet, and the electrical life, normal operation and breaking capacity of the switch can be tested.

Technical parameters:

1, three stations, can be tested at the same time, the number of stations can be customized

2, the travel can be adjusted 0-30 plus 1, can be customized according to requirements

3, speed (digital display) 10-60 RPM /min adjustable, can be customized according to requirements

4, the number of setting 0-999999 times, can be set arbitrarily, to the number of automatic stop

5. Product damage alarm

6. On-off test: on-off or off switch during memory life test. The machine will stop counting automatically in case of undesirable phenomena

7, machine size: 580 X 550 X 420mm

8, working power supply: 220V/50HZo