Source of the call of touch switch

The year 2011 is the lunar new year, and the first day is Saturday. 2011 is the World Chemical Year, the World Forest Year and the World Design Year announced by the United Nations. This is also the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911 and the 90th anniversary of the founding of the CPC.

Next, the Italian editor will talk with us about the common sense of touch switch!  

Let's talk about applicable products first:

1. Audio-visual products: MP3. MP4. DVD. audio;

2、 Digital products: digital cameras, digital cameras, etc;

3. Remote control: vehicle. Point roll door. Home anti-theft product remote controller;

4. Communication products: mobile phones, mobile phones, telephones, building equipment, PDAs, etc.

Touch switch:

5. Household appliances: TV sets, microwave ovens, rice cookers, electric fans, electronic body scales, electronic fat scales, electronic kitchen scales, etc.

6. Safety products: visual interphone, monitor, etc;

7. Toys: electronic toys, etc;

8. Computer products: camera, recorder, etc;

9. Fitness devices: running machine, massage chair, etc;

10. Medical devices: sphygmomanometer, thermometer, hospital call system, etc.

11. Others: cash verification pen, laser pen, etc;

Note: Our company now produces the following types of light touch switches {waterproof, dust-proof and light-type light touch switches}

Service life of domestic shrapnel: 50000 to 70000 times of imported shrapnel single-sided silver recovery service life: more than 100000 times of non-woven shrapnel more than 500000 times.

Out of context, touch switch means that the state of switch contact can be changed without too much force, so the contact capacity is small and the structure is simple. After the switch strength is cancelled, it can only remain the same. That is to say, you can press the appropriate switch with a small force. There is no definite single-contact button switch. At present, both membrane switches and micro switches can be considered as light touch switches, and most of them are two insulating membranes in structure. Or butterfly elastic pieces made of thin elastic metal, which are connected with printed circuit