The importance of toggle switch in safety and security

In such a rapidly changing shopping center, especially in areas closely related to people's lives, laws, regulations and industry norms are very important because they can ensure that these products can work correctly according to people's requirements. In Europe, the CE certification mark on the product indicates that the product conforms to the relevant health, safety and environmental protection specifications of all CE requirements. All products produced or sold by European shopping centers must be marked with the CE certification mark. The process of obtaining the CE certification mark is very complex, requiring various strict planning verification and testing; Therefore, security system companies need to carefully select appropriate accessories and supplier partners when planning products, which is very important for their products to successfully pass CE certification in the future.

Because the certification specification applies not only to the system itself, but also to its accessories, for example, switches play a series of important roles in the entire safety product category. For example, no matter what application environment the detector is in, each smoke alarm must be equipped with a detection/reset switch. Network devices in intelligent buildings usually use dial switches to set the addresses of devices in the entire network. There are also many security products, such as control panel, field lighting and alarm, motion sensor and door and window sensor, for tamper-proof and maintenance.

Due to the mechanical structure or environmental requirements of the equipment, the application requirements of the switch will vary, but they are all microswitches, touch switches and micro-detection switches.

These switches need to work under various harsh conditions. Some countries, including the entire European laws and regulations, require the switches to work normally in corrosive gases (such as sulfur dioxide). International specifications for alarm and security systems, including electronic access control, alarm transmission, video surveillance, fire detection and fire alarm systems, are called TC79 by ICE. The TC79 specification also covers the communication between these different devices, and the IoT devices are also included in the TC79 specification.