What is the difference between toggle switch and microswitch?

The difference between toggle switch and microswitch is:

(1) Different structure

Compared with the toggle switch, the closing contact spacing of the microswitch is small, the action stroke is short, the torque is large, the force is small, and the breaking is fast.  

(2) Different categories

The toggle switch is usually divided into small current toggle and large current toggle. There are many kinds of microswitches. The common base class is the non-auxiliary fastener, which derives the small stroke type and the large stroke type.

(3) Different uses

The invention is widely used in various fields such as instruments, instruments, electric toys, fax machines, audio equipment, medical devices, beauty instruments, etc. Input dial switch supply.

Microprocessors are mainly used in military fields such as electronic equipment, mines, power systems, home appliances, aerospace, ships, missiles, tanks, etc.

(4) Performance is different

The utility model adopts integrated circuit technology and surface treatment technology, and has intelligent functions such as delay, expansion, external synchronization, strong anti-interference, stable working area, self-diagnosis, etc. The contact clearance of microswitch is small, and the movement mechanism is fast. The contactor specified by the stroke and actuator is covered by the shell, and the actuator is small.

Because of its small size, multiple gears and even dialing, it is widely used in household appliances and other industries. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the upgrading speed of these household appliances will be faster and faster, and the demand will be greater and greater. This is also the biggest potential direction for us to be optimistic about its development prospects.