What is the reason for poor contact of touch switch?

Touch switch is also a kind of switch that we often touch in our daily life. It has complex varieties and huge functions. It is widely used in electronic equipment, instruments, mines, power systems, household appliances, electrical equipment and other fields. In our daily life, we are most exposed to the touch switch of the mouse or some household appliances. Maybe we often hear people react that the mouse is out of order or the touch switch used by the appliance is not good.  

The first reason is that dust and waste are attached by touching the switch.

If it is due to the dust inside the switch, you can put the switch in the box or use a sealed switch.

The second reason is that the switch is affected by the malignant gas in the environment, or the insulation coating film is produced on the surface of the switch in the low load area. The treatment countermeasure is to replace the switch of joint raw materials (gold, alloy, etc.) with good environmental adaptability.

The third reason is the flux immersed in the solder. If it is a flux immersed in solder, it is necessary to correct the method of solder and use a switch that is not immersed in flux.