Tap switch manufacturers product diversification advantage

Our tap switch manufacturers benefit from the use of material is very stable, this material can not be bought on the market, due to the contrast of precious, but in the use of the tap switch is widely used, which proves that the tap switch manufacturers light planning is very delicate, the production process is also very careful, so many people love. Of course, it also stems from the product's complete function and convenient use.

Some people have done a series of experiments to verify the function of the switch, in the experimental effect out of the future we are very surprised, because the tap switch manufacturer function is not only we touch these, it has many undeveloped function, and part of the function is our general manufacturer products do not have. Meanwhile, the light touch switch has the advantages of small touch resistance charge, precise operating force fault, and diversified standards.

Tap switch manufacturer's products are functional products. When using the switch button, the switch can be connected quietly, and the switch can be disconnected when the hand is released. Its internal structure is completed by the force of metal shrapnel. Electronic devices rely on a reliable touch switch. Touch switch is the use of modern power electronics skills, control switch transistor registration and off time ratio, adhere to a stable output voltage of a power switch, usually by pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and MOSFET composition.


1, for the pin substrate, light touch switch manufacturer's pin substrate is brass or phosphorus copper, in order to decrease the touch resistance, the pin is basically silver plated treatment, for the silver in the air SO2 gas oxidation, direct impact on the solderability and touch resistance of the switch, so high-quality light touch switch first in the substrate silver plating thickness and silver plating skills to control in place.

2, the key influencing factor is the structure of the touch point, because the function of the touch switch is to touch the point and the shrapnel touch through, then the touch surface of the touch point the bigger the better, the touch surface is selected by the structure, there are about three types of structure on the market, good or bad as follows: big bubble "O-type touch", slotted type "2 point touch", flat bubble type "1 point touch"

3, life and feel, tap switch manufacturer is through the travel and shrapnel collaboration selection, the shorter the stroke sound the lighter the longer the life, the longer the stroke is on the contrary, in the case of fixed shrapnel skills, mainly look at the travel or sound selection of tap switch life; Other, choose the key element of shrapnel life is still stamping skills, so in the case of skill progress, the material begged is not imported material to fall again, such as 160gf shrapnel life in the market is mainly four kinds: about 50,000 times, about 100,000 times, more than 200,000 times.