Light touch switch manufacturer describes how to save and operate light touch switch?

Method One, dust countermeasures
Because there is no sealed structure of the switch, so do not use in places with dust. If it has to be used, maintenance countermeasures such as cover-ups should be considered.

Method two, about preservation
To avoid discoloration of the terminal part, do not store the touch switch in an environment with high temperature, high humidity, direct sunlight, or corrosive gases.

Method three, operation method
Touch switch manufacturer, do not impose repeated operation. If the plunger is pressed further under the request, excessive load weight may cause deformation of the circular panel spring, becoming the cause of poor action. Especially if too much load is applied to the transverse pressure type, the riveting part will be damaged and become the cause of switch damage. Therefore, please do not attach a load weight higher than the excessive load weight (29.4N, 1 minute, once) when touching the switch during equipment and operation.

Please set the switch in the direction that the plunger can operate in the straight direction. Pressing only one side of the plunger, or an oblique operation port, may result in reduced durability.