There are two types of micro touch switch insulation

The micro touch switch is small in size, the touch resistance is small, the waving time has a loud feel, a variety of scales is complete, the variety is also very many. In the market by a number of jobs like. It is widely used: such as the automobile industry, medical equipment, digital products, household appliances, video, mobile phones, and so on.

1. The storage conditions of the three layers of insulation wire are the ambient temperature of -25°C ~30°C, the relative temperature of 5℅~75℅, the storage period is one year. Prevent the storage of three layers of insulated wire in high temperature, high temperature, direct sunlight, dust environment. For the three-layer insulated wire spanning the storage period, it is necessary to do the insulation breakdown voltage, voltage resistance, winding test again before it can be used.

2. The following precautions should be paid attention to when winding the micro touch switch: The three-layer insulated wire is strengthened by the coating. If the membrane due to mechanical stress or thermal stress caused severe deformation, harm, safety specifications can not be guaranteed; There shall be no burr on the transformer skeleton, the corner part of the touch wire should be smooth, the inner diameter of the outlet mouth should be two to three times the outer diameter of the wire; The end of the blocked wire is very sharp, do not get close to the wire coating.

3. There are two kinds of equipment with three layers of insulation when peeling the coating. One is a stopping filler metal groove, which is suitable for welding three layers of insulated wire below 0.40MM. During soft brazing, the welding operation can be finished in a short time by moving horizontally in the filler metal tank and stirring the coil skeleton. Another kind of welding equipment is an air cooled jet filler metal tank, which can weld multiple coil frames together, suitable for mass production.